AbChek Fecal Occult Blood IgM Antibody Rapid Test

AbChek Fecal Occult Blood IgM Antibody Rapid Test

About the product

AbChek FOB Fecal Occult Blood Rapid Test Kit (Feces) is a qualitative, lateral flow immunoassay for the detection of human occult blood (FOB) in human feces. This kit is based on a gold immunochromatography assay. The detection of fecal occult blood is important for the diagnosis of a disease that results in gastrointestinal bleeding and to screen for colorectal cancers and large adenomas that bleed. Screening for colorectal cancer probably increases cancer detection at an early stage, therefore reducing mortality. Feces detection is a common indicator of digestive tract diseases and is very important in the diagnosis of digestive tract diseases. The detection of gastrointestinal bleeding is an effective method to find occult blood and one of the important means for clinical diagnosis and monitoring of digestive tract hemorrhage disease. It is a cautionary tale for the early screening of colorectal diseases in asymptomatic patients. The test utilizes antibodies including an anti-human hemoglobin monoclonal antibody on the nitrocellulose membrane with colloidal gold marked Hb as a mark tracer.


  1. Specimen: Feces
  2. Shelf life and storage temperature: 24 months at 4-30oC
  3. Designed to specifically detect low levels of fecal occult blood, hHB ≥ 50 ng/Ml
  4. Performance Characteristics: Relative Sensitivity: 100%; Relative Specificity: 100%;
  5. Result interpretation time: 15- 20 mins.
  6. No cross-reactivity with Cattle hemoglobin, Swine hemoglobin, Bilirubin positive specimens.
  7. Any reactive specimen with Fecal Occult Blood must be confirmed with alternative testing methods such as Colonoscopy or Colorectal Endoscopy.

Each kit contains:

Individually sealed foil pouches containing:

  • One cassette device
  • One desiccant
  • Stool Collection device
  • Extraction buffer
  • Plastic droppers
  • One package insert (instruction for use)