Benefits to OEM Customer

Benefits to OEM Customers

For the prospective customer, OEM partnerships offer many benefits, such as lowering the reagent costs for projects that would otherwise require R&D investment to develop individual kit or assay components and enabling faster time to market by using products and reagents that have already been proven and validated for specific applications. Our knowledge of rapid diagnostics and the markets they serve puts us in a unique position to develop the best-customized kit for your application. Our OEM and custom manufacturing team is eager to share their expertise and ideas on how best to provide you with the custom products and
services you need to succeed. We envisage an OEM partnership that results in a custom product that compliments your operational constraints and business needs. Your project is our priority. NuLife can be a key partner for your custom manufacturing needs, and we take pride in each and every relationship we have. Our custom manufacturing team will ensure that every avenue is explored in order to deliver success. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, you will have taken time to research your market, consider product positioning and the time value of the necessary investment.  All you have to do now is to develop the product. At NuLife, our aim is to build a partnership and trust relationship that allows us to fully understand the gap in the market that you are aiming to target and help you in getting the perfect solution that provides a timely route to market. A large part of our business is developed through these long-term partnerships only.

We have constructed an outstanding state-of-the-art GMP facility for the development as well as for the manufacturing of Clinical chemistry, Serology, and Immunoassay reagents and our validated GMP manufacturing unit has the facilities for the following:
1. Rapid Test Development and Manufacturing
2. Sophisticated R&D and QA laboratories
3. Liquid Formulation &Filling
4. Labelling
5. Lyophilisation
6. Kit Assembly
7. OEM/Custom Formulations