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AbChek Syphilis WB Rapid Test

About the product

The One Step Pregnancy Test (Dipstick) is an immunoassay for the fast detection of hCG in urine. The special membrane is placed in front of a reaction pad which contains colloidal gold particles coated with monoclonal anti-hCG antibodies. If a sample is applied, the colloidal gold particles dissolve in the liquid sample. If the sample contains the HCG hormone (beta-hCG subunit), this is bonded to the monoclonal antibodies marked with colloidal gold particles. The dissolved gold particles are transported through the membrane due to the capillary forces effective in the special membrane. In the area of the T-line, the anti-hCG antibodies immobilized there form the complex of HCG and colloidal gold. A pink-purple line is formed depending on the HCG concentration. The surplus colloidal gold particles are then bonded in the area of the C-line by the control antibodies immobilized there so that a pink-purple line also becomes visible in this area. This line serves as an internal functional check and must be formed in every test. If no or only very little HCG is present in the sample (< 25 mIU/ml or < 10 mIU/ml), the hormone-gold particle complex is not formed or it is formed in insufficient amount to generate a visible pink-purple line in the area of the T-line