URS- 4S – Glu/Pro/pH/SG

URS- 4S - Glu/Pro/pH/SG

About the product

Parameters (Glucose + Protein + pH+ Specific Gravity)

Urine strips for the semi-quantitative estimation of Glucose, Protein, and PH. Most of the routine samples of urine analysis require detection of the renal status of patients. Estimation of Protein is the best indicator of renal function in addition to Glucose which indicates both renal as well as the diabetic status of the patient. PH indicates acidosis/alkalosis of a patient as well as indicates the stale urine sample which changes the pH with time if not stored properly


  • Specimen: Urine
  • Shelf life and storage temperature: 24 months at 4-30oC
  • Performance Characteristics:
  1. Glucose: The kidney normally excretes small amounts of glucose. Concentrations of as little as 100mg/dl glucose, read either at 10-30seconds may be significantly abnormal if found consistently.
  2. Protein: Normally urine specimens contain some protein, (10 mg/dl) therefore only persistent levels of urine protein indicate kidney or urinary tract disease.
  3. PH: This test is based on the well-known double pH indicator method, where bromothymol blue and methyl red give distinguishable colors over the pH range of 5-9. The colors range from red-orange to yellow and yellow-green to blue-green.
  • Specific Gravity: Random urine varies in specific gravity from 1.003‐1.040+ (correlates within 0.005 with values obtained with the refractive index method.
  • Result interpretation time: The optimal reading time of each test parameter varies from30 to 60 seconds.